Vib-R-Bait Sunfish Perch

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Offering the action of a crankbait, the profile of a jig and the flash of a spinnerbait,  The Vib-R-Bait has a profound impact on the way you fish.  Designed to swim in an erratic motion which mimics wounded prey.  The Vib-R-Bait features a unique hex-shaped blade that pivots violently back and forth on the jig eyelet, producing enough vibration to let you feel every pulse. The Vib-R-Bait's blade also serves as a weed guard to keep the hook from snagging on weeds or brush. This lure creates an enticing, undulating action to provoke strikes. Perfect for all fishing seasons and conditions, the straight-tracking Vib-R-Bait won't hydroplane on a fast retrieve and its depth is easily regulated.


  • Swims in an erratic motion which mimics wounded prey
  • Hex-shaped Vib-R-Bait blade pivots back and forth
  • Generates vibration
  • Provokes strikes