Who is Luxury Lure Co?

Luxury Lure Co. is an online fishing megastore that launched in the Spring of 2020. Our mission is to provide top tier, Luxury Lures and Products for all levels of anglers to replenish or create their fishing tackle box.

We are an American company with a global mindset that fulfills hundreds of orders every day. Our team consists of a group of frugal anglers on a mission to source quality fishing equipment from suppliers around the world so that you can have the best lures, weights, apparel, and equipment on the market to improve your hookup ratios!

To learn more, please visit our About Us page.

Why does shipping time take so long?

To continuously deliver the best value to our customers, we never commit to just one supplier. We source products globally so shipping times can vary depending on delivery destination, but be patient as your items will arrive. 

Remember, we provide FREE SHIPPING on every order over $75 Nationwide. Sometimes it's worth the wait for a good deal on bait.

For more information about shipping, please see our Shipping Terms page.

When do I receive tracking info, and how can I track my order?

Please remember not all shipping carriers provide tracking numbers for ordered products, but don't worry if something goes wrong in the shipping process we have many ways to make things right.

If a tracking number is available, it can take up to 3-10 days after order processing for the tracking number to start showing any information, but it will appear eventually just be patient.

Once your tracking number is available, you can track your order on the following

For more information about shipping and tracking, please see our Shipping Terms page.


What's the policy on Returns and Exchanges?

Most sales are final, however, if your order was received damaged or different from the product you ordered please visit our Return & Exchanges Policy page or email us at support@luxurylureco.com.

For more information, please see our Returns & Exchanges Policy page

If it has been more than 24 hours after your purchase, then the order must be returned following the return policy as soon as the goods are received.

The terms and conditions of the returns and exchanges policy will be used to determine whether or not your order is eligible for a refund. 

For more information, please see our Returns & Exchanges Policy page.

Are you guys making baits?

Currently, we do make baits, we also order proprietary baits custom for you, designed and hand picked by our luxury staff.  We feature products from many different suppliers. 

What baits and products do you have?

We have Fishing Gear, Tackle, Accessories, Apparel, and More.  Most of our products are Luxury Custom, but some are outsourced and that allows us to keep costs low.  We are always looking for value when we source products for our customers. We believe spending more money on tackle doesn't mean you will catch more fish and we always put quality first when discussing new lures!

Will you sell my products on your website?

We are always looking to expand our product line to give our customers more options to choose from. If you are interested in supplying your products to Luxury Lure Co., and your pricing model is consistent with our mission, then please contact us here

When can I order a Luxury Box or Lure Co. Blind Bag?

Currently we are working hard to get one in place! We are ahead of schedule on our monthly Roll-Out mission, so please be sure to join our newsletter for important updates, preorder information, and promotional offers.


Does Luxury Lure Co. sponsor people or pages?

We do offer prostaff spots this year and you can apply with purchase of our
Prostaff Package” on our “Prostaff Page” . In the meantime, we will gladly follow your page and like your posts.

Can I get free stuff?

The best way to receive promotional offers, that may include items that are free, is to subscribe to our newsletter. You can subscribe here:


If you are a fishing influencer and have your own channel or page, and are looking to give us a shoutout, please email us at info@luxurylureco.com, or message @LuxuryLureCo on Facebook or @LuxuryLureCo on Instagram. 

Why are product prices always changing?

Sometimes we are able to catch a great deal from our suppliers, and we want to pass on those savings to you. We are constantly selling through our products, therefore, our costs may have changed upon replenishment.

For the best prices, we suggest you follow us and subscribe to our newsletter to receive promotional offers, and be sure to check out our store frequently for newly added products. 

How can I get more information about a specific product or a bulk discount?

We sell products quickly to ensure that we can leverage costs from suppliers. For that reason, we do not add a lot of fluff to our product descriptions. However, we will gladly provide you with more information about products or bulk discounts just Contact Us if you have any questions.