Raging Rakhum

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Notice: 4 Swimbaits Per Package

The Raging Rakhum is packaged four swimbaits per package. These custom poured swimbaits are designed to be run with an under spinner or weighted hook. Each of these hand poured unique baits will alternate from the 3 O’clock to the 9 O’clock position when being retrieved in the water. This not only allows sunlight to reflect at every changing angle, but also gives the entire body of the bait a repetitive back and forth action.  Similar to a swimbait avoiding a predator. The tail winds up and unwinds during retrieval.

Short jerks will store energy in the tail to be released between jerks. (An under spinner or weighted hook is required to stabilize the bait and achieve the unique action this lure was designed to provide.) These baits, with white tails, have been extremely successful in dirty water with one foot visibility. They can be fished weedless with rattles and have in many cases exceeded the strikes of spinnerbaits. 

Each unique hand poured swimbait is ~ 5 inches long and weighs ~ .8 oz.