Phantom Swimmer

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The New Phantom Swimmer is a 5 1/2 inch segmented Hard Plastic Swimbait with extremely lifelike movements and colors.  High-quality construction and hardware , now in a deeper-bodied perch, shad, carp and baby bass  profile. The Phantom Swimmers size, fabric jointed, 5 section flexibility, life like features dominate other swimbaits. Sharp short jerks produce an erratic wide swimming action darting in different angles with this style retrieval,  While continuous recovery will produce a smooth casual swimming action.


  • 5.5inch shark swimbait 5-segment multi jointed hard plastic fishing lure
  • Fabric jointed flexible action
  • 5 section jointed lure
  • Unique bend section design
  • Internal ball bearing create enough noise to draw predator's to the bait 
  • Big hollow angry eyes
  • Unique back hook point design, for casting and vertical fishing
  • Super sharp treble hooks
  • Enhanced steel hook points
  • Forged split rings, for  greater strength 

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