Luxury Slab Red Head

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Extremely effective catching  bass, trout and striper, the Luxury Lures Slab Jigs are  excellent for casting into schooling  fish.  Typically every cast when placed correctly into a school of feeding fish will  put a fish in the boat!  When we see bass schooling and breaking the surface we don't waste time trolling to them.  Pick up one of these bad boys and cast it a country mile. Let it sink just a split second and then start swimming it back. The line will  help swim it up and slowing retrieval will allow it to flutter down.  A Killer combination when the fish are schooling and feeding.!
Versatile and effective on most species for salt or fresh water. The exposed treble hooks seldom ever miss a strike.. avoid heavy cover with this lure typically it will catch anything it touches!  Great for casting well ahead of the boat near cover before the big bass take cover.  Great for deep vertical drops and features heavy weight and a unique shape for reaching the strike zone quickly. 

Features and Benefits
  • Heavy weight and a unique shape for reaching the strike zone in a hurry
  • Draws the attention of bass, trout and striper
  • Excellent for casting for schooling fish or fishing deep vertical drops
  • up to 3 inches long
  • Specifications
  • Type: Jigging Spoons
  • Product Type: Jigging Spoons
  • Fishing - Species: Most 
  • Fishing - Water: effective in Freshwater and saltwater


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