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 Luxury Multi Faceted Glass Beads per Pack 

Luxury Multi Faceted Glass Beads are  all about getting noticed and bringing in additional strikes!
Can you see that continuous multi-directional flash or hear that tink-Click-clack?  Probably not, but that giant living under the lily pads and at your favorite spots will notice!  Luxury Multi Faceted Glass Beads make a unique clicking-ticking  noise under water when it hits your Luxury Tungsten or other Luxury Multi Faceted Glass Beads. That little bit of noise and continuous multi-directional flash means A LOT more bites.
Our light-reflecting Faceted Glass Beads have many sides and are extremely popular with fishermen for their proven fish attraction. Proven fish-attractors that will not cut your line and are virtually unbreakable, these precision-cut and drilled beads are critical components for making Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, and more! Expect great results with our Faceted Glass Beads, as they attract attention two ways: by creating continuous multi-directional flash, and when paired with another glass bead or Luxury Tungsten, by producing a sharp clacking noise with every impact. A must-have in every fisherman's component box.

  • Light-reflecting many-sided glass beads
  • Essential for Carolina rigging for bass
  • Excellent attractor for walleye rigs
  • Virtually unbreakable; will not cut line
  • Extreme flash and noise attract attention underwater

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