Luxury Black Barrel Rattles

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Luxury  Black Barrel Rattles 

Luxury Barrel Rattles are all about getting noticed and bringing in additional strikes!
Can you hear that -rattle?  Probably not, but that giant living under the lily pads and at your favorite spots will notice!  Luxury Barrel Rattles make a unique rattling noise when moved under water.  Any Jerks, contact impacts and multiple stainless steel BBs will create a rattle . This noise will draw the attention of more fish in a larger area to your bait resulting in more bites.
Rattles are long proven fish attraction the Luxury Barrel Rattles provide this benefit to any lures or soft plastics when coupled with the any of the different Luxury rattle collars available.   Expect great results when coupled with different Luxury Rattle Collars to produce your specific custom rattle response desired . A must-have in every fisherman's component box.

  • Three colors available 
  • Multiple sizes available 
  • Stainless steel BBs create rattle with movement or impact
  • can be used on any Lure or Soft bait when coupled with Luxury Rattle collars  

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