Rechargeable Wide Angle COB LED Headlamp

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This is not a normal headlamp this is a floodlight!

This wide angle light will light up full field of vision including the periphery. Great for working at night in unlit areas as this head lamp will light up the entire area.. like a floodlight. Great for tracking wildlife at night or boating-anything that requires full field of vision to be lit up.. 
Adjustable Headband: The rechargeable LED headlamp is compact and easy to use and carry. The adjustable headband is comfortable to wear and not easy to deform.
4 Lighting Modes: With a strong COB light source, the bright LED headlamp has high field of illumination ( almost 180 deg). There are 4 lighting modes: white light bright white light, low white light, red light and red light flash.
Night Indicator Light: The red indicator light on the battery holder plays a good warning role when walking or riding at night to protect your safety.
Adjustable Lighting Angles: The headlight can be adjusted for 90 degrees, and different lighting angles can be adjusted as needed.
Life Waterproof: The headlight is life waterproof that can be used on rainy days. Suitable for outdoor activities, such as night riding, camping, hiking, night fishing, cave exploration, etc.

Material: ABS
Light source: COB LED
Modes: white light highlight, white light low light, red light and red light flash
Power supply: 2 x Pointed 18650 battery ( included)
USB Rechargeable ( included)
Lamp head size: about 11x4.8x4cm/4.33*1.89*1.57in
Weight: about 159g

Package Content:
1 x USB
1 x Light
(USB Battery contain 2 x Battery)