LED Fish Attracting light lures

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Continuous Bright  LED  fish attractant light.

Very Bright Light - With high lumen output LED that shines light 360 degree, penetrating far in the water; Great for attracting crappie, catfish, redfish, predator fishes and most other fish. These deep drop highly visible lights Are  great way to attract fish in low light conditions

Light improves success rate of other baits


Can be hung off docks, boats or attached to fishing lines with lures attached to it on the other end. Can be used for night fishing, day fishing, bait fishing, deep drop fishing, fresh water fishing, saltwater fishing

Perfect for use in salt or fresh water fishing. They are very useful for catching a variety of freshwater and saltwater game fish, such as catfish, crappie , trout , bass, red snapper, to name a few. They are ideal for catching all gamefish, predatory fish such as largemouth bass, pike, salmon, trout, and muskies.

Deep Drop Submersible Light - Contains 3 tiers of silicone watertight rings, the underwater fishing light will keep working properly up to ~2,100 feet under water
Low power consumption increases battery life for long light emitting time.
Requires  AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

Durable Waterproof fishing light made of ABS material, comes with rigid clear light cover and waterproof rubber ring, all parts are tightly sealed to make this LED lure tough and highly pressure resistant.

Easy To Operate  LED light will shine brightly just add the battery, tighten the cap  and  it will start emitting light. LED bright light /low power consumption = long battery life for many continuous hours of fishing .

Multicolored Led Lights -4 colors to choose (white, green ,blue, red, )

Size 4.7inchs long 

Depth rate: ~2100 Ft