LED fishing lures

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Bright  LED light.
Low power consumption and long light emitting time.
Powered by CR927 battery, cannot be replaced.
A great way to fish in low light conditions

Perfect for use in salt or fresh water fishing. They are very useful for catching a variety of freshwater and saltwater game fish, such as catfish, crappie , trout , bass, red snapper, to name a few. They are ideal for catching all gamefish, predatory fish such as largemouth bass, pike, salmon, trout, and muskies.
When the LED Lure comes in contact with the water, its automated switch will turn on the flashing LED light and when removed from water, the LED flash will be turned off

It is irreplaceable using a CR927 battery as the power source.

Light improves success rate of baits

Duration of about 150 hours, single flashing color and tri-color flashing water for 80 hours

Depth rate: 600 meters